Akio Kitano (北野昌夫 Kitano Akio) is the chairman and coach of the Suihoku Karuta Society.


Kitano-sensei has a square-jawed, bony face. His gray hair is parted down the middle. His small, slanted eyes, downturned eyebrows and hard set mouth give the impression that he is always frowning, even when he smiles.



Hideo Harada

Harada-sensei and Kitano have a long-standing grudge against each other. Their clashing started when they were young karuta players.

Midori Makino

She is a professional karuta reader, whom Kitano regarded as his "Madonna" when they were young. They share a common grudge against Harada-sensei.




  • His name is listed as Kitano-sensei (北野先生) in the anime. His first name has not been mentioned yet.

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