Akito Sudo (須藤 暁人 Sudō Akito) is another Class A karuta player. He was competition for the Mizusawa Karuta Club. But after his team loses to them, he gains respect for them and supports Chihaya.


Sudo has beige color hair and brown eyes, although he keeps his eyes close most of the time. He is mostly seen in his red shirt and track pants. 


According to Hiro Kinashi, he is known to be a sadist, once challenging Chihaya to shave her head once she loses first to him and not wanting to let go of the barter. Even others like Taichi and Nishida thinks the same way as well, despite of any known matches between them.

He tends to be strict to his team, putting a lot of pressure in them, according to his team mates, that even his voice and stares were giving them pressure. His strongest point is his pride, as stated by their coach, that he is willing to put all work into it. 

He sees himself as having a future in karuta. He once told Chihaya of his plans to become a karuta reader, and even attended Kyoko Yamashiro's school for readers. 


Shinobu Wakamiya

They seem to know each other very well. It's obvious that Sudo doesn't like her. Sudo thinks that he is being insulted by Shinobu because of her being Queen and he promises himself that one day he will defeat her and Chihaya.

Chihaya Ayase

They made a bet on whoever loses, the loser has to shave their hair.

Taichi Mashima

They made a bet on whoever loses, the loser has to quit playing karuta for life, while the winner will keep on playing karuta till death.


When Sudo was still in High School, he learned to be a Certified reader. He notices that the Meijin's strength relies on the way the reader reads the cards. 


Karuta Style

An A-level player, it has been noted that Sudo has incredible potential that is stifled by his tendency towards sadism. He has a peculiar style of playing, in which he places his cards in a manner so as to disturb his opponent's psyche, in the case of Chihaya placing her favourite 'Chihayafuru' card right in the center of his field to draw her attention. His coach has said that if it were not for his sadistic streak, he would be a formidable contender for the Meijin title.