Chapter 114
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Chapter 114
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Chapter 114 is the one hundred and fourteenth chapter of Yuki Suetsugu's Chihayafuru.

Quick Summary

The match between Arata and Harada-sensei starts.

Long Summary

As the players prepare for their matches, it is noted that Harada is late. Chihaya looks at Inokuma and Megumu, and realizes she has failed to work up to her goal of becoming Queen. Kana's mother remarks that Arata is not used to wearing a kimono, but the kimono itself is adjusting to fit him.
People start talking about how the match between the young challenger from Fukui and the karuta expert Harada-sensei will turn out.
Chihaya thinks that if she was the 'elementary school Chihaya', she would support Arata no matter what. But she realizes she has become an adult and gets confused as to who she should support.
Midori Makino is the reader for the third match. She comes and greets Kitano-sensei and seems to be a friend of his and Harada's.
Before the match starts, Harada tells Arata he had never expected that he would ever play him. He also reveals that he once played Arata's grandfather, the eternal master Hajime Wataya.
Kana-chan gets excited as the reader begins reciting the poems. As the match begins and the first poem is said, Harada interrupts the reader and asks for the air conditioner to be turned off.
The match begins again, with Harada taking the lead. All the Shiranami people think that they 'overanalyzed' Arata's karuta style.
Arata realizes Harada is not just any other opponent- he's tough. He scatters his cards when he sees that Harada plays real offensive karuta.
At the end of the chapter, Arata says he is happy to play with Harada-sensei, but he will be the one who achieves victory.


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