Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Cover
Chapter Info
Volume 1
Chapter 2
Japanese Title 第二首
Romanized Title Dai Ni Shu
English Title Second Poem
Total Pages 31
Release Date January 15, 2008
Chapter Chronology
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Chapter 2 is the second chapter of Yuki Suetsugu's Chihayafuru.

Quick Summary

The relationship among the young Chihaya, Arata, and Taichi develops, and they all go to visit a local karuta club.

Long Summary

Chihaya, Taichi and Arata are awarded certificates. Chihaya tells them that she is very, as that is her first certificate. Taichi's mom scolds Taichi for losing to a girl, tell him that he should only join competitions he can win.

Chihaya accompanies Arata home since he lost his glasses. Chihaya tells him that she wants to play Karuta with him again, and he replies by saying Chihaya has potential in Karuta. Chihaya is very happy and proud of herself that she begins showing everyone at home her certificate. However, her sister tells her that it's uncool. Chihaya goes to her room and cries.

The next day, Chihaya, Taichi and their other classmates organize the books in the library. Chihaya hears the principal talking outside the building. Taichi is amazed by her keen sense of hearing. Chihaya tells him she wishes she had a "more obvious talent", like Taichi's sport and academic achievements. Hyukanin Isshu flash cards then fall out of his pocket. Taichi blushes then says it's uncool that he made the flash cards and lost to Chihaya. Chihaya replies by saying, "There's nothing uncool about losing a match fair and square."

When they finish their duties in the library, Chihaya (accompanied by Taichi) goes to the classroom to call Arata as she brings him home. The two of them see Arata practicing Karuta without any cards. Chihaya then runs off to find Arata's glasses. Meanwhile, Taichi returns Arata's glasses. He tells Arata not to tell Chihaya because he doesn't want her to hate him. The two of them then look for Chihaya, telling her they found Arata's glasses.

The three of them become friends and decide to join Shiranami Karuta Society.


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