Chapter 48
Chapter 48 Cover
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Volume 9
Chapter 48
Japanese Title 第四十八首
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Chapter 48 is the forty-eighth chapter of Yuki Suetsugu's Chihayafuru.

Quick Summary

Long Summary

Chihaya was amazed by Suo, who claimed to have 28 single syllable cards. (There are only 7 single syllable cards and Suo distinguishes additional 21 cards as single syllable cards. Suo has the ability of intuition/natural talent; he can distinguish the slightest difference in words pronunciation. Other characters in the manga considered his ability as exceptional. He can be considered as the strongest intuitive player in the world of competitive karuta.) While watching the competition Murao remembered Arata. (Murao refused Arata’s request to play/practice with him. For Arata, Murao is the strongest player in the karuta society club where he belongs but Murao stopped attending to the society club after losing in his last match. And while watching the competition he thinks that he let Arata alone)

Suo won the match for four consecutive years. Arata after watching the game realized that he will not become strong if he will no challenge himself with a stronger player.

Chihaya, Tsutomu, Kana and Meat-bun were forced by Taichi’s mom to leave their house. While walking to the station they were still astonished and shocked with the Queen and Master’s game especially Chihaya thinking, “I’m not good enough!”

Before they parted there ways Tsutomu told Ayase that she also has 20 single syllable cards. Chihaya was stunned upon hearing this. Taichi on the other hand was left in his room and thinking on what he should do to improve, then he called Arata and had a short conversation with him. While Arata was talking with Taichi, Murao entered to Arata’s grandfather’s room where Arata is and asked him to play/practice with him.


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