Chieko Ayase (綾瀬千恵子 Ayase Chieko) is the mother of Chitose Ayase and Chihaya Ayase. She doesn't give much attention to Chihaya because Chitose, as a model, is the center of attention in the family.


Chieko has dark brown hair and brown eyes and usually wears an apron when she is at home.


Chieko is an outgoing, kind, caring woman, with a bit of a temper sometimes. Like her daughters' she isn't very patient, she is also a supportive mother to her daughters dreams.





  • She works a part time job to afford the tuition of her Chitose, support Chihaya in her Karuta and to send money to their sick grandpa on the country side[1].


  1. Chapter 102 Page 22

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