Chitose Ayase
Chitose Ayase Full
Name Chitose Ayase
Kanji 綾瀬千歳
Rōmaji Ayase Chitose
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 17
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Height 156 cm (5'1") at age 12
159 cm (5'3") present
Blood Type AB
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Kenji Ayase (Father)
Chieko Ayase (Mother)
Chihaya Ayase (Sister)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Now the Flower Blooms
Voice Actor Aya Endō

Chitose Ayase (綾瀬千歳, Ayase Chitose) is a model and Chihaya's elder sister. She doesn't support Chihaya's dream of becoming a karuta Queen because she thinks that karuta is lame and a waste of time.


Chitose looks very much like her sister Chihaya, except that she is shorter than her.
She has straight brown hair (changes styles occasionally), and light brown eyes. She wears lip gloss, and many different stylish outfits everyday.


Chitose is sort of self-centered, selfish, and unsupportive to Chihaya's dream. She loves it when people take pictures of her. She really enjoys posing, stylish and expensive clothing, and modeling.


Kenji Ayase

Kenji is Chitose's father. He is very enthusiastic about her achievements and usually cuts newspaper articles in order to put them in albums. He also supports Chitose of her career as a model.

Chieko Ayase

Chieko is Chitose's mother. Like her husband, she is very supportive of her daughter's career.

Chihaya Ayase

Chihaya is Chitose's younger sister. Her dream was to see Chitose become a successful model and, like her parents, she was very enthusiastic about her achievements. However, Chitose became annoyed when Chihaya started focusing on karuta.


Since childhood, people thought Chitose was very cute.
She was always the center of attention to her parents, and Chihaya for a while.



  • When Chitose got a cell phone, she did not give her number to Chihaya.
  • She hopes to be a supermodel one day.
  • Chitose finds karuta lame, boring, and a waste of time.
  • Chihaya is taller than her, with a difference of 8 cm.
  • Her height is only 159 cm, while Chihaya is 167 cm tall. In Volume 2's omake, however, Chihaya was supposed to be 160 cm tall, so Chitose's actual height is still in question.
  • She told Chihaya stories about "New Year's Money" and said that she bought all expensive clothes from Chihaya's money.

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