Exchange Hellos And Goodbyes is the 10th episode of Chihayafuru.


The day of the prefectural tournament comes and Chihaya's club comes in with hakamas at the ready. As their team progresses through the group stage, Tsutomu grows less confident as he continues to be beaten in his matches. As he grows irritated and chooses to skip the semi-finals, Chihaya feels downhearted that the club hasn't been able to become a true team, which begins to affect her karuta skills. As Taichi realizes he's not been perfect himself, he helps motivate the others to get them back on track, and when Chihaya sees Tsutomu comes to support her, she regains her form and makes a comeback and helps the team to win. After the match, Kanade manages to talk Tsutomu into coming back onto the team as they prepare for the finals.

Match Results

National High School Karuta Championship Tokyo Regionals

B League
Mizusawa High School 3-2 Eikō University Senior High School
Mizusawa High School 4-1 Shūryūkan High School
Mizusawa High School 3-2 Hanasaki High School
Mizusawa High School 3-2;1bye Tomihara West High School

[Match Details: Chihaya Ayase (Mizusawa H.S.) VS. Sano (Tomihara West H.S.)]

Poems of the Episode


In order of appearance:


  • The Terror of Mental Sports
Chihaya said she couldn't remember how she usually take cards . The terror of mental sports lies in the fact that even top players can be drawn into the panic like this. In the (real-world) Queen title match of 2001, Fumie "Eternal Queen" Watanabe, who was leading the second game by 6 cards - 12-6, suddenly lost her concentration and stopped moving. Consequently she was beaten by the challenger losing all the remaining 12 cards in a row. It was her first loss in seven years.

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