For You, I Head Out is the 13th episode of Chihayafuru.


The team arrives at Omi Jingu for the national tournament. As the first match begins, Chihaya feels overwhelmed by the hot and noisy environment of the tournament hall. Meanwhile, Arata makes his way to Omi Jingu, remembering the time he spent with his grandfather, who taught him many valuable tips about karuta before starting to lose his memory due to dementia. When Arata was asked to look after his grandfather on the day of a tournament, he regained his memory and encouraged him to go but passed away during the tournament. Overcoming his fears, Arata arrives at the tournament hall just in time to witness Chihaya fainting. Taichi puts Chihaya in Arata's care while he and the others continue the match. As Chihaya laments letting everyone down, Arata encounters an old acquaintance and realizes he still loves karuta. As Chihaya vows to recover in time for the individual tournament, she receives a package from Arata, saying they will meet again in a match.

Match Results

National High School Karuta Championship E Group League
Mizusawa High School 3-2 Takechi High School
Mizusawa High School 2-3;1forfeit Ōto Kawazoe High School
Mizusawa High School 4-1;1forfeit Kisei High School
Mizusawa High School 3-2;1forfeit Yuikawa Izumi High School
National High School Karuta Championship Final Tounament
Mizusawa High School 0-5;1forfeit Fujisaki High School

Poems of the Episode


In order of appearance:


Fujisaki High School is mentioned here for the first time, though its players don't make an appearance.

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