I Can Look Up and See the Snowy Cap of Mt. Fuji is the 50th episode of Chihayafuru.


As it is revealed that Tsutomu and Akihiro had managed to win their own tournaments and reached a higher class, Chihaya laments how she hasn't managed to live up to her own goals. As they leave, Chihaya exchanges contact details with Sakurazawa-sensei, who offers to send her a video of the class A final. Later, a hospital examination of Chihaya's finger reveals she has enchondromatosis in her index finger, so Chihaya decides to undergo an operation. Whilst hospitalized, Chihaya expresses some of her frustrations over the phone to Arata Wataya, who tells her that whenever he plays, he thinks back to his old apartment where he used to play with Chihaya. As Chihaya spends the next week recovering from her operation, she comes to realize she is in love with Arata. Kana realizes this when she reads Chihaya's poems, and prompts Taichi to try harder in expressing his true feelings towards Chihaya. The next day, Chihaya calls Sakurazawa-sensei, who invites her to a Fujisaki training camp, which Chihaya and Taichi go to.

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