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Now Bloom Inside the Ninefold Palace
Episode 6
Season 1 Episode 6
Episode Info
Kanji けふここのへににほひぬるかな
Rōmaji Kyou Kokonoe ni Nioinuru Kana
Air Date November 8, 2011
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Now Bloom Inside the Ninefold Palace is the 6th episode of Chihayafuru.


Having obtained a clubroom, Chihaya and Taichi need to find three more members to be officially recognized as a club. Kanade Oe, a girl who loves traditional clothing, takes an interest in the club but feels dejected when she finds out they don't wear hakamas. As Chihaya continues to approach Kanade about joining the club, she comes to learn about the true meanings behind the hundred poems, which helps her improve in the game. Feeling pleased by this, Kanade agrees to join the club on the condition that they start wearing hakamas during matches.

Poems of the Episode


In order of appearance:


  • The scene in the Oe Traditional Clothing Shop did not happen in this episode's corresponding story in Chapter 11. The conversation between Chihaya and Kana-chan that happened there actually happened in the library.

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