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Hiro Kinashi
Hiro Kinashi Anime Infobox
Name Hiro Kinashi
Kanji 木梨 浩
Rōmaji Kinashi Hiro
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Personal Status
Status Alive
Level Class B
Group Hokuo Academy Karuta Club
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 3
Anime Debut Episode 3
Japanese Voice Kazuya Nakai

Hiro Kinashi, also known as Retro (Hyoro), is another karuta player. He was competition for the Mizusawa Karuta Club. But after his team loses to them, he gains respect for them and supports Chihaya Ayase.


Hiro is tall and slender pale complexioned. He usually has his eyes shut, so his eye color is unknown. He has short black bowl-cut hairstyle.



Retrot Cards

He is very competitive and strategic. According to Sudo, he is correct 80% of the time. He always depends his team's fate on his prominent cards (Retrot Cards). Hiro does not like his nickname; he keeps telling other people to call him Hiro whenever they call him Retro.

Since he became the new Hokuo Karuta Club president, he's been struggling more than ever to reach Class A ranking, even though the other club members don't expect him to. In a team game he does not have the position as captain, but he plays against the opposing team's ace players so his team mates would have an easier chance of winning.


Chihaya Ayase

She is a fellow karuta player whom he has known the longest. However, they have rarely faced each other in a match. Hiro thinks it's because Chihaya likes to play against strong players.

Taichi Mashima

He sees Taichi as a rival in karuta. Still, he did show concern when Taichi left Mizusawa Karuta Club, preferring to have him around.

Arata Wataya

He sees him as his eternal rival in karuta.

Akito Sudo

He seems to be in good terms with him although he feels very uncomfortable when Sudo pressures his team. He calls Sudo a sadist.




  • The word Retrot (according to the English subtitles), the name he calls for his cards could be a Portmanteau of Retro and tarot since his team's fate relies on the cards itself. Although in episode 30, he didn't follow what the cards presented as a result, since he wanted to prove Hokuō Academy's Karuta club's strength.
  • His nickname in the original Japanese is "Hyoro," which roughly means "lanky." The English subtitle changed it to Retro instead of translating it to make it work better with the Hyotarot/Retrot.


  • (about Arata) - "He is my eternal rival! Back in the winter of sixth grade, when we were almost equals, we had a fateful encounter in Tokyo!"

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