Kenji Ayase (綾瀬 健二 Ayase Kenji) is the husband of Chieko Ayase and the father of Chitose Ayase and Chihaya Ayase.



So far, Kenji has been shown to be a caring father who loves his family very much. He is very enthusiastic about documenting his daughters' achievements by cutting out articles from news papers and magazines. At first it appears he is only enthusiastic about Chitose, his eldest daughter, and supporting her ambition of becoming a model, having already filled up to seven scrapbooks of her achievements. However, when Chihaya finds that the article about her karuta team heading to the nationals at Omi Jingu is missing from the newspaper at home, she finds that although he has only partially filled one scrapbook for her, he is in full support of her achievements and he is very proud of her.