Light Novel 3 of Chihayafuru written by Tokiumi Yui. The Story depicts the happenings during middle school which are not captured in either the Manga, Anime and Movies. The third Story depicts the stories of Shinobu Wakamiya, Taichi Mashima.

Short Summary

The light novel starts with a story about Shinobu Wakamiya at the Tsusaki Private Middle school in Kyoto. She has long since been friends only with her Karuta cards and nobody else but all that is about to change thanks to a new transfer student. Miki Sasahara from Tokio has captured her in her rhythm.

At the Kaimeisei Private Middle School Taichi Mashima is working hard to build a Karuta club together with his classmate Hirai and is trying to get new members to join. But sadly it is not working out as he imagined and the club is about to be closed. Taichi Mashima has to make some difficult decision about Karuta, while getting his first confession of a girl.

Will Shinobu Wakamiya develop "Friendship" in her heart? Will Taichi Mashima go on his first "Date"?

Long Summary



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