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This is a list of places in Chihayafuru.


Chihayafuru is set in west suburban area of Tokyo, estimated Fuchū City.

City Facilities

Outside Tokyo

Episode 5
  • Omi Jingu Shrine (Shiga Prefecture)
    • Omi Jingu Learning Center
  • Shirayama Hime Shrine (Ishikawa Prefecture)
  • Fujisaki Highschool (Shizuoka Prefecture)
    • Fukuoka (Training base of Fujisaki Highschool)
  • Yoshino Karuta Society
  • Kyoto
    • Kyoto Station
    • Kiyomizu Temple
    • Kinkaku-ji / Rokuon-ji
    • Nin'na-ji Temple
    • Arashiyama
    • Palace of the Hundred Poets(Shigureden Theme Park)

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