Miku Hara
Name Miku Hara
Kanji 原 実紅
Rōmaji Hara Miku
Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Alive
Level Class D
Group Mizusawa Karuta Club
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 139

Miku Hara is a first year student at Mizusawa High School and a member of the Karuta Club.




Sumire Hanano

Sumire approached Miku during the time when the club seniors wanted to make the new members feel more relaxed. The two hit it off quite well. Sumire even nicknamed her 'Harapii'(or Hara-pea).

The two girls have much in common socially. They like having friends and got into karuta mostly because of Taichi.


Miku joined the karuta club along with Souta Hashidate, Togo Namida and Midori Tamaru, becoming the third batch of members of the club.

Karuta Style

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