Mizusawa High School
Mizusawa High School 1
Vital statistics
Name Mizusawa High School
Type School
First Appearance Episode 1

Mizusawa High School is the high school that Chihaya, Taichi, Kanade Oe, Yusei, and Tsutomu attend.

School Members


Mizusawa High School Emblem

Mizusawa High School emblem



Club activities in Japan are broadly split into two categories.

Cultural Clubs

  • Karuta
  • Brass Band
  • Tea Ceremony

Sports Clubs

  • Japanese Archery (Kyūdō)
  • Tennis
  • Track and Field
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Japanese Sword Fighting (Kendo)
  • Baseball


  • Karuta Clubroom (Old Student Council Room)
  • Brass Band Clubroom (Old Student Council Room Second Floor)
  • Kyūdō Dojo (Archery Training Hall)
  • Schoolyard
  • School Store
  • Cafeteria



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