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My Life Passes by in Vain as I Watch the Long Rain Fall
Season 2 OVA 1
Episode Info
Kanji わがみよにふるながめせしまに
Rōmaji Waga mi yo ni Furu Nagame Seshi ma ni
Air Date September 13, 2013
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My Life Passes by in Vain as I watch the Long Rain Fall is the OVA of Chihayafuru.


The OVA is told from the perspective of Sumire Hanano. It is summer break, and the Mizusawa Karuta club prepares for the cultural festival, while Chihaya rests in the hospital. Sumire suggests to do a romantic play, Tale of Genji, in order to get closer to Taichi during Chihaya's absence. After some discussion, they agree to do the play. They begin practicing, making props, designing the set, etc. Just before the festival, however, a storm hits, and all their props get ruined. Due to lack of time and willpower, they end up doing a short comedic skit called The Heian Trio staring Chihaya, Sumire and Nishida. However, due to some reason , the play become really famous throughout the school.

Poems of the Episode


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