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Omi Jingu

The Omi Jingu

Omi Jingu (近江神宮 Omi Jingu) is a shinto shrine on Shiga Area, 1-1, Jingu-cho, Otsu city 520-0015. Omi Jingu is dedicated to Emperor Tenji (626-671), the 38th emperor of Japan.


The shrine was constructed in 1940.


Two karuta tournaments take place here every new year. A master tournament (Karuta Matsuri) takes place here every January, on the first Saturday and Sunday after the New Year holiday. The national championship for high school students is held every July.

The tournament takes place here as Emperor Tenji, to whom the temple is dedicated, has composed one of the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu (Hundred Poet) poems used in karuta.

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Clock Museum

The shrine is also known for creating a water clock system called roukoku, introduced by the emperor. In the precincts of this shrine, the Omi Jingu Clock Museum displays various clocks centering on roukoku and Japanese clocks.

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