Reiko Mashima (真島 麗子 Mashima Reiko) is the mother of Taichi and Rika Mashima.


Reiko is a very slim woman with dark brown hair. She has light brown eyes. She is usually seen wearing a black women suit with a open blouse showing her pearl necklace. She also wears red lip stick and stud earrings.


Little of Reiko's personality is known. She occasionally scolds her son, Taichi, if he doesn't win a competiton. Chihaya calls her "Mrs. Pressure" by the way she treats Taichi. Nishida thinks she is scary.

Because she doesn't like for Taichi to lose, she often asking him to quit karuta. But somehow , Taichi managed to convince her to let him play as long as he managed to get the top score in every subjects.

However , in a recent chapter , it is shown that after Taichi had left the karuta club , she went to watch Mizusawa's match and wonder why did Taichi left and showed her regrets about pressuring Taichi to quit playing karuta.





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