Rieko Oe (大江 利恵子 Ōe Rieko) is Kanade Oe's mother. Her family owns Oe Traditional Clothing Shop.


Rieko Oe looks almost the same as her daughter, Kanade. Her hair is brown, and so are her eyes. She also has three eyelashes on each eye, as well as a wide forehead. Her hair is longer than Kanade's, however, which she wears rolled up in a bun.

She is always shown wearing a kimono.


She is lighthearted and fun. She is also graceful and well behaved, perhaps due to her owning a traditional clothes shop. She is business minded as well.





  • She is a Johnny's fan.


  • (to herself, on Chihaya) - "Chihaya-chan is very beautiful, but she's beautiful no matter what she wears."
  • (to herself, on Kanade) - "Kanade isn't necessarily beautiful, but she knows how to use a kimono. She is the true poster girl for Oe Traditional Clothing!"

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