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Shun Matsubayashi
Name Shun Matsubayashi
Kanji 松林 舜
Rōmaji Matsubayashi Shun
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 16
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Hiro Matsubayashi
Level Class B
Group Fujioka East High school
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 137

Shun Matsubayashi is a second-year student at Fujioka East High school and a founding member of its new karuta club.




Hiro Matsubayashi

He is Shun's younger brother.

Arata Wataya

Arata is Shun's upperclassman, whom he is helping to form a karuta club with. He calls Arata "Arata-niichan".

Karuta Style


Shun and his brother have known Arata since childhood, having also been members of the Nagumo Karuta Society. When they were both accepted into Fujioka East High School, they started on establishing a karuta club there.

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