Tokiji Fukasaku (深作 時次 Fukasaku Tokiji) is the classical literature teacher of Mizusawa High School. He seems to be the most senior among the faculty.


Fukasaku-sensei seems like an absentminded teacher and a senile old man. However, his appearance hides his years of wisdom and experience. He shares his learning to anyone who is willing to listen to him. His students respect him, as well as all the other faculty members.

As a member of the teaching staff, Fukasaku-sensei seems to have the highest authority, but doesn't lord it over the other teachers. On the contrary, he is soft-spoken and gentle. Even so, when he gives the final word on an issue, everyone listens and follows him.






  • He is the only teacher in Mizusawa High School that Taeko Miyauchi defers to.

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