Yoshihiko Hiyuga (日向 良彦 Hiyūga Yoshihiko) is a karuta player and member of Fujisaki High School's karuta club and is the new club president after Ryoga Emuro. He is not as skilled at karuta as Rion Yamashiro, but he has the leadership qualities that Rion lacks.



Hyuuga is a cheerful, easygoing person. As the Fujisaki Karuta Club president, he likes to cheer his teammates on for every successful move they make, perhaps to the annoyance of other members. No matter how bad his losses are, he can easily brush them off and focus on the positive side.

He likes to curl his hair. Sometimes he can get so upset that he pulls them straight, then he goes out and curls them again.




Karuta Style


  • Other club members call him Yoroshiko, as a play on his name and his habit of using the word yoroshiku.

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