Yumi Yamamoto
Yumi Yamamoto
Name Yumi Yamamoto
Kanji 山本 由美
Rōmaji Yamamoto Yumi
Gender Female
Age 24
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Status Alive
Level Class A
Group Suihoku Karuta Society
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 22
Japanese Voice Yuhko Kaida

Yumi Yamamoto (山本 由美 Yamamoto Yumi), also known as Yuumin, is the former Queen of Karuta. She is considered to be the best karuta player from Suihoku Society. She is a Grade 6 karuta player.


Yumi is a thin woman with short brown hair tied in a pony-tail and brown eyes. She has admitted herself that she has a plain appearance.

She wears her hair without a ponytail when at work.


She is known for contesting every close-call during matches and being very tenacious. Nikuman-kun pointed out during her match with Chihaya that despite that, her karuta is very accurate and fast.

She has not gotten over her defeat by Shinobu Wakamiya and tends to be pessimistic. She has little self-confidence and doesn't like the pressure of competition.



After losing her title to Shinobu Wakamiya, Yumi has lost her confidence and motivation when it comes to karuta. However, the match against Chihaya Ayase made her return to her old, stubborn personality.

Karuta Style

Her posture which is something that is perfected over years and her calluses in hands and feet are evidences of how she worked hard in playing karuta. Her swing is compact and measured and her body also knows how far each card is.

Her karuta style is said to be persistent and stubborn. She also has the experience since karuta is all she had since she was a child. By playing hundreds of matches, she knows at which point a match will be determined hence can manage to turn the tables.

She is also infamous for her legendary contesting of cards. She contests every close call with absolute confidence with detailed explanation of what happened. While arguing, everyone else has to stop playing so most people frown upon this habit. Nonetheless, her karuta is said to be more refined and accurate. [1]



  • People from Suihoku Society call her "Yuumin".
  • She believes herself to be plain and that she has only karuta.
  • She works as a bank teller.


  1. Episode 22

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